Robert’s City

Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in City Bikes
  • Paramour City Two: Custom Steel Bike Frames from Austin, Texas
  • Paramour City Two: Hand built custom bike frames from Paramour Bicycles in Austin, Texas
  • City Two: Custom steel bicycle frames from Austin, Texas, frame builder Matt Mowat of Paramour Bicycles
  • City Two is the latest city bike from Matt Mowat of Paramour Bicycles, one of Austin Texas's emerging custom steel bicycle frame builders.
  • Paramour Custom Steel Bikes from Austin, Texas: City Two
  • Paramour Custom Steel Bikes of Austin
  • Paramour Custom Steel Bike Frames, Austin, Texas

With a 5-speed hub, this bike is great for tooling around the city even when a few hills are thrown in. An inscription of William Carlos William’s “The Red Wheelbarrow” was painted on the down tube for a true custom feel.

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