John’s Cross

Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Cross Bikes

  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.1
  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.2
  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.3
  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.4
  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.5
  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.6
  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.7
  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.8
  • Paramour_Handmade_Steel_Bicycles_Cyclocross_CX01.9

This frame was a traditional CX build with massive tire clearance, up top cable routing and a straight blade fork. You’ll likely find it cruising the chip and seal roads between Austin and Johnson City.

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